Friday, 9 January 2015

New Year - new goals

Hello and welcome to 2015!

I'm feeling very excited about this year, both from a personal point of view and a literary point of view.

First of all, I have set a couple of personal goals that I think are very achievable - provided I exercise a little discipline - and hopefully, these will be fun and will benefit my favourite charity Wildlife Victoria.

You see, summer is a wonderful time in Australia. I know that many of you, who don't live here, look at the pictures you see of pristine beaches, rugged red rocks, tropical rainforests and our amazing, and unique wildlife - and it truly is like that.

But summer in Australia often sounds the death knell for our treasured native animals as a result of bushfire. Summertime is Wildlife Victoria's busiest time of the year - the time when they search for, rescue, hospitalise and rehabilitate our wildlife - they do a remarkable job, with little government assistance.

Therefore, I have decided that 2015 will be my year to run!

Every year I enter a number of running events, and my longest distance was a half marathon (21.1 ks) in 2012. My goal in 2015 will be to run at least two half marathons along with several other events. I've already signed up for a run in February, but that's only 8ks.

I will be using those two half marathons (and any others if I can fit them into my work/life schedule) to raise funds for Wildlife Victoria.

Not only will this very worthy cause motivate me, but it will help our most innocent, most vulnerable creatures.

Right, so that's my first goal for 2015.

My second goal is all about my writing. I'm part way through the third and final book in the Broughton series. So far we've had Torn and Inviolate, but the third is yet to be completed.

My goal is to get the first draft of it down as soon as I can, so it can then begin the lengthy process of being pared back, built up, pared back, and so on, a process that needs to happen multiple times before it can be considered complete and ready for the editor's desk.

Additionally, there is the matter of Counterpoint to be considered. These are short stories, that I offer subscribers, free, every month. They retell Torn from Patrick's point of view - he's one of the main characters in Torn.

Fans of Torn have been subscribing to Counterpoint for a year now, and during this time, I've received many emails and facebook questions about what I intend to do with them. A number of people have suggested having them published as a kind of companion to Torn.

I have to say, the idea intrigues me, and the more people suggest it, the more the idea has legs. So, literary goal number two is to make a decision about the future of the Counterpoint stories.

In the meantime, until I make a decision about what I'm going to do, I will continue to release one each month - so fans of Counterpoint don't need to worry on that score!

So, there you go. I've set a few goals for myself. Nothing too difficult, nothing too impossible. All of them will take work and time - it wouldn't be a goal if it didn't require some effort.

What about you? Have you set any goals for 2015?

How about entering a writing competition? It's a perfect way to motivate yourself and gain confidence in your writing. Many competitions offer a critique on your work too - which is invaluable!

The Australian Writers Resource Centre has a round up of local and international writing competitions - Poets! that includes you too! Why not check out their site and get started.

While January is still young, we have a lot to achieve. And as I type this, we are saddened by the devasting fires that have already ravaged much of South Australia and Victoria. Already we have experienced the loss of precious bush-life.

For now, I'd better get my runners on and hit the pavement. What are you going to do?

Until next week ... set your goals!

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