Friday, 8 May 2015

Moving pictures

Hello there!
Have you seen the latest trend in books - the trailer?

There's nothing new in doing a trailer, we've had movie trailers since I don't know when, but it seems to be a growing thing for books, and advertisers and marketers are loving it! Readers seem to be enjoying book trailers too.

In this day of electronic, digital communication, just about every time we turn on our computers we're bombarded with advertisements. Used to be that ads were simply pictures, images that recommended we try this or buy that.

These days, the digital advertisement has gone a step further and advertisements are full length, full colour, all singing, all dancing shout outs.

Books, and the marketing of them, have entered the digital advertising age. There are growing numbers of companies that can create book trailers and there's some brilliant stuff out there - there are a few shockers too!

I discovered a lady who claimed to be a digital film-making expert who, for the mere sum of $450 Australian, could give you what she calls cost-effective, creative and clever. When I looked at what she was able to build for my hard-earned $450 I realised I could do the same, if not better, on my outdated edition of Microsoft Powerpoint.

In any case, I definitely see video marketing to be the way of the future. Most publishing companies have hopped on board and are now offering writers the opportunity to have their very own digital marketing video.

This all got me thinking - you see one of the most common comments I received from reviewers about Torn was how cinematic it is! People would love to see it in video, if only I could get Ronald D Moore to agree! If you're reading this, Mr Moore, I'm still waiting for your phone call ... ;-)

How many people would love to see Torn play out before their eyes!? What do you think Patrick would look like? How do you think Alex would sound?

Stuart, you know, of the long suffering, endlessly patient husband variety, happens to moonlight as a video production editor and has worked for a number of companies, and on quite a lot of film projects, including  Victoria's Islands and our own Ghost File Investigations. Every time I have an idea, he just knows it's going to mean work for him.

Anyway, I asked him if he could do something for me under his business name Look Up Media. So he did. We contacted a friend who has the most beautiful English speaking voice and asked her very nicely if she would participate, and she kindly agreed, so ... for all you Torn fans out there, Alex now has a voice!!

Righto ... cue the big fanfare: coming soon, The trailer of Torn! Yaaaaay! That's me waving my arms around Kermit the Frog style.

I've been releasing little excerpts and teasers along the way on the new facebook group, TornBookClub, so if you're interested in seeing them, join the TornBookClub today! And stand by for the full length version in weeks to come.

Okay, enough of the advertising. Have you watched any book trailers? Would seeing a trailer intrigue you enough to make you want to read the book? If you have any thoughts on this, I'd love to hear from you.

Until next week, happy trails! Oh, and just because I'm in a sharing kind of mood, here's an excerpt from the Torn trailer ... this is the beautiful voice of Akansha, playing Alex. Enjoy!

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