Friday, 20 November 2015

Lavender skies and birdies

Happy Friday!
Isn't it true that Friday is the happiest day of the week? It is for me - I just love Fridays because Stuart and I are always so busy during the week, Friday evenings are a winding-down, a time to catch our breaths after a busy week.

Life is all about rituals and this is my all time favourite.

I hadn't really intended to run with a stream of consciousness this morning, but here it is! 

One of the reasons I love Fridays is because it heralds the weekend that for me means hours of uninterrupted writing time.

It's spring here in Melbourne, and summer is only a few weeks away. The days are getting longer, the evenings balmy and jasmine scented. The baby birds in our garden have fledged and are chirping and following their parents around.

For Stuart and me, our spring Friday evening ritual is immovable. Arriving home from work, we change our work clothes for loose, casual gear, and while Stuart feeds Panda and Katie, I put on one of my favourite Eros Ramazzotti CDs then I begin cutting and preparing all the contents for a veggie burger with the lot.

That's onion, capsicum, egg, vegetarian bacon, vegetarian cheese, lettuce, tomato,  and anything else I have lying around. I cook it on our barbecue and assemble it into a toasted bun, then we sit outside on our cat proof deck so the cats can sit with us, and we watch the birds go home to roost and the sky gradually move through colours of lavender and gold and finally evening-blue.

Sometimes we talk, sometimes we just sit and enjoy the evening. There's no pressure to do anything.

Why am I telling you all this? Perhaps because it's Friday, it's been the week-from-hell kind of week for us, and I'm looking forward to clearing my head and not thinking - about anything!

I'm currently writing some documents for one of the big four banks. It's a good project, I'm enjoying the work, but sometimes I need to get my own words down. I have a book that needs to be written. And after that I have other books that need to be written, and then more after those!

But nothing can happen during the week right now and for me that's frustrating. In the new year I will be winding up this contract and concentrating on the third book in the Broughton series. It's underway, I've made great progress, but at the moment I only have weekends to work on it - it's driving me batty!

It seems to me that it's also frustrating for others because I'm constantly being asked when the next book is coming out.

Tomorrow is Saturday - my fingers are itchy - tomorrow I will write and write and write. But for now, let me just get through today, and tonight I will relax and slough off the week that has been.

Until next week - stop, breathe, and smile.

P.s. Sunday I'm running in the Colour Run. It's only a little 5k that I'm doing with my sister in law. This is her very first running event and she's nervous as all get out! She'll be fine! This is, they tell us, the happiest 5k on the planet!

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