Friday, 13 May 2016

Blue dreaming

Hello there and happy Friday.

So here I am in Venice. We left England yesterday and flew here after some nine days of zig-zagging Wales and Ireland.

I enjoy Ireland very much and it was great to be there, but getting there is a bit of a trial. You see, I'm not fond of water and suffer greatly from seasickness, and since the ferry is the most efficient way of travelling to Ireland, I sat anxiously in the car as Stu drove onto the ferry.

Fortunately, I discovered a couple of years ago that ginger is a terrific remedy.

Prior to leaving Australia, I purchased a big, resealable bag of naked ginger; arguably the best ginger in the world comes from Buderim, Queensland.

The ferry crossings from Wales to Ireland were nasty but my ginger got me through!

Meanwhile, I was keeping a look-out for things to chat about and I came across an interesting competition for kids run by Blue Peter.

Firstly, who/what is Blue Peter? Well, Blue Peter started life as a television show for children. Informative and fun, I remember it some 30 years ago when I lived in England, though it has been running since 1958. It's too simple, though, to say that Blue Peter is just a children's T.V. show.

There are Blue Peter pets, books, gardens, presenters and contributors. Kids are encouraged to contribute and there are awards for levels of contribution. Interestingly, Yvette Fielding, a presenter on Most Haunted, was once a presenter on Blue Peter.

These days Blue Peter has moved with the times and has an extensive online presence.

Okay, so that's Blue Peter. Now, about the kids' competition. I turned on the telly one day and Blue Peter was on and they were talking about the Blue Peter Big Dream competition. Basically, you must get your entry in by 23 May this year so don't mess around - you've only about ten days.

Entrants must describe and draw a fantastic dream straight from their own imaginations. For information, check out Blue Peter Big Dream competition and download the information sheet.

So that's all for this week. In the meantime, I was unable to access the Blue Peter competition outside of the U.K. although I didn't find anything in the Ts & Cs about it being open only to English residents. Just in case, though, here is a site that lists loads of other children's competitions.

Check them out - you might find something for your child to enter.

Until next week - encourage your kids to write. Cut a selection of pictures from magazines, get them to choose one each and write a couple of hundred words, inspired by the picture they chose.

Who knows, perhaps you have a budding Shakespeare, King or Gabaldon on your hands!

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