Friday, 17 June 2016

Future of blogs

Hello there and happy Friday!

I've been having some interesting conversations with my publicist lately around the relevance of blogging.

In particular, the relevance of blogging for writers.

The issue is, that I'm making slower than desired progress on my next book and part of the reason is the time I am spending on other writing projects.

Some projects are mandatory, for example, I need to earn a living and there is paid work I need to do. Then there's my Counterpoint project: I have made a promise to my readers that a story will be written each month.

I am committed to these stories, am happy to write them and will continue to write them and offer them free to readers.

No, the problem, as Tamara and I see it, is whether a weekly blog is actually benefitting anyone, whether people enjoy reading the blog and, therefore, whether there is any purpose to continue writing them since they take up writing time that could be spent on other projects.

What are your thoughts?

Tamara and I have been discussing options like only writing one blog per month, or fortnightly, as opposed to the weekly blog I write at the moment. We also wonder whether I am writing articles about which you have no interest.

Given that we were not sure which direction I should take, I began doing some research and the results are interesting.

For example, there are quite a number of writers/bloggers out there, similarly questioning the relevance of their blogs. Many are saying that the benefits to themselves and their readers do not justify the work involved.

Others are saying the opposite, although I have to admit that there are fewer of this mind.

Similarly, a large number of bloggers seem to be abandoning their blogsites and turning to Twitter as a way of communicating with their readers. Although, once again, there are those who believe Twitter is on its way out.

So what to do?

Well, basically, I thought I'd leave it up to you. I have the following questions for you and would appreciate it if you could spare five minutes of your time to help me to know what you'd like. You may respond as a comment on this page, or click here to contact me via my website.

1. Do you enjoy reading my blogs?
2. How often do you read my blogs?
3. If you regularly read my blogs, what sort of articles do you like the most?
4. If you do not read my blogs regularly, what kinds of things can I write about that would interest you?
5. Are you happy with the weekly articles or would you prefer:
  • fortnightly
  • monthly
  • quarterly
I would really appreciate your feedback to help me know whether I am creating the kind of page that you enjoy reading.

Until next week, think about a really good book you've read recently and tell a friend about it. Bye for now!

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