Friday, 19 August 2016

Illuminating Blackpool

Hi there!

How quickly does the fortnight go between posts?

Well, last post I included a list of items that you may or may not have done - little life experiences. I expect the person who compiled the list was a Brit because so many of the destinations mentioned were in England or Scotland.

One of the places was Blackpool. The question was, have you been to Blackpool? I answered Y (yes) to that question because I've been to Blackpool twice.

Blackpool is a seaside town in Lancashire that, along with its famous Pleasure Beach, has been a favourite holiday spot for English families since my mum was a girl, (somewhere, I have a black and white photo of an angelic blond child playing in the sand, the Blackpool Tower in the background. That child was my mum.).

When I was a child, my Grandma Olive used to visit England regularly and I was very familiar with the pink and white Blackpool Rock sticks she brought home, each wrapped in cellophane with the photo of the iconic Blackpool Tower.

When I was 19, I moved to England and lived with Grandma in Otley - the town that was to became Wolstone in Torn. During that visit, Grandma and I visited Blackpool, especially to see the Blackpool Illuminations. Revisiting  the diary I kept back then, I read about the spectacular annual light show, that stretches along the Promenade facing out towards the Irish Sea.

The Blackpool Illuminations is a light festival that kicks off in September every year, and has been operating since the 1870s. Each year is themed; the year I went with Grandma it was fairy tales. We sat in the comfort of our car, slowly cruising the Promenade, while to our left, right and above us, was this spectacular light show.

 So, that was my first trip to Blackpool. Years later, Stuart and I were in England during September and I suggested we visit the Illuminations.

One day, we drove up England's west coast and arrived at Blackpool. Stu got to see the Tower, bought some rock, then as evening came down, we joined the stream of cars, campers and buses, crawling along the Promenade and taking in the lights.

I can't remember what the theme was that year, suffice to say that this inexpensive family treat was just as thrilling for me then as it was the first time. Stu loved it too.

We stayed in a cute little bed and breakfast, and the following day visited the Pleasure Beach. Alright, now that is a whole other adventure and best saved for another time!

I hope you've enjoyed this little reminiscence. Perhaps one day I'll write another little piece on one of the items on the list.

See you in 14!

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