Friday, 11 November 2016

Nano - we're off and writing!

Hello there,
today I'd like to introduce Maggie Christensen a talented and prolific writer based in Queensland.

Maggie has her own blog, Cafe Cala to which she recently invited me to contribute, and despite her hectic work schedule Maggie is our very special guest blogger today!

A little more about Maggie's work. Her fiction, as Maggie says, is aimed at Celebrating mature women and the heroes worthy of them. Don't you just love that!!

So now, I'd like to introduce you to the lady herself. Here's Maggie! 

Maggie Christensen - NANO fan
It’s November, the month when writers all over the world unite in their attempts to meet the challenge of writing 50,000 words in 30 days as part of National Novel Writing Month.
This challenge first came to my notice in 2011, when I was still an unpublished author. As someone who has always worked well with deadlines, I thought this might be a way to increase my writing output, so I signed up.
I registered, filled in my personal details, joined up with some buddies and I was off. In my first year I was fortunate to have the additional support of a group set up by Romance Writers of Australia (RWA) which provided me with a detailed spreadsheet to help me keep my daily and total tallies and graph my progress. It was fun to watch the graph grow as my words mounted and devastating when I fell behind to read my finishing date was NEVER.
What I didn’t expect was the support from other writers who became “buddies” either on the NANO site itself or in Facebook groups. Several of these have become year-round buddies who share writing goals, sprints – a great way to be accountable to someone else for a specified number of words or a specific time – and other writing challenges and successes.
I’ve now been taking this challenge each year, plus another RWA one in June. So, what have I achieved?
As might be expected, some years I reached my goal of 50,000, some years I didn’t. But what did happen was that I developed a more disciplined approach to my writing, I developed the habit of writing every day and, along the way, I made several writing friends who I can communicate with and share my daily writing if and when I choose.
Along the way I’ve also managed to self-publish five novels and am currently editing a sixth. This year for NANO I’m working on number seven. Will I complete my 50,000 this year? Time will tell. But I do know that, by the end of the month, my writing will have taken another leap forward.
I write mature women’s fiction, books which celebrate mature women finding reason to live and love in later life and the heroes worthy of them.

Thanks Maggie for your insight. We've looked at NANO previously but never heard from anyone who has actually participated. Sounds like a great idea.

So if you're interested in finding out more about Maggie, checkout her Website, Facebook page or her blog

Maggie's books are available via her website or online. Click here for details.

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