Friday, 12 May 2017

Technology - a love-hate relationship

I love technology.

No, I don't. In truth, I hate it.

I hate its fake simplicity - you know what I mean: they say, simply click here, simply enter your details... all that rubbish.

And it is rubbish because nothing with technology is simple. Nothing works unless you buy the compatible upgrade, add the doo-dad, enhance the whatsit or link to the app.

Give me a break!

Recently I had my website revamped. I handed over my hard-earned cash - online, of course - downloaded the thingo and my ever-patient I.T. guru husband got to work.

He did a great job and finally the new site was ready to go. It looked fab, had loads of pictures and information and some funky new options including a book shop.

We launched it. It was exciting.

Then I ran some ads - online, naturellement!

When a newspaper contacted me for an interview about my new home and exciting new book, I told them all about my new website too.

Well it was all good - or so I thought. After handing over yet more money to run my ads in the lead-up to Mother's Day this weekend, I discovered the website wasn't working after all. In fact, log on and all you'd see was a daggy little screen offering a free sample of Torn.

Oh that's not so bad, if all you wanted was a free sample of Torn.

Why is it that these days, you never seem to get what you pay for? Expectation always leads to disappointment.

After that, it leads to a fruitless, frustrating round of online chat sessions with a faceless person to whom you explain your situation and wait with growing impatience as they insist on working through each step of their script without paying attention to your issue.

If you think I'm pissed off, you're right.

So I ask, do we ever get what we pay for these days? Are we too ready to accept mediocrity of service and product? Have we lowered our expectations to the point where we're no longer surprised by poor quality? Are those in the business of service and supply so complacent as to have no pride in their work anymore?

Not so the poor consumer, crying out for attention!

And yes, I blame technology because, as guru-Stu pointed out, everything is done at a distance these days. Our cyber-lives have resulted in a world where nobody is accountable and everything is disposable - just as well because it probably won't work anyway!

So, after all that, in a moment of sheer frustration, I tried my website again and found that its problems had mysteriously rectified itself.

I can only assume that some pasty I.T. boffin in some dingy little office somewhere in the world has intercepted the pleas and threats I issued to the universe and - hello - fixed the problem!

Doesn't matter - I still hate technology. But why don't you try it out for yourself. Pop over to or click here  and tell me if it works! Or better still, don't tell me. I really don't want to know!

As for you, my long suffering peeps, have a great Mother's Day whether your kids are of the two- legged upright variety, or furred, feathered or finned.

See you in 14!

PS. Don't forget the next FREE installment of Counterpoint. It'll be up on Wattpad by Monday.

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